Monday, April 26, 2010

Work in Progress... ?

Well. It has been more than a year, one and a half rather, since I last posted on this blog.

Since then, my life has I had planned it (moving to Germany, getting married, starting a family) had to be totally scrapped and replanned and not on my own initiative too.

Truth to be said, I haven't forgotten about this blog and for the last few months I've been, now and then, thinking about what to do with it. The options are easy enough: closing and deleting it or scrapping all the entries, the overwhelming majority, that constitute now mostly a painful reminder of my foolishness or just keep going, changing the nature of it as th eoriginal intent, keeping updated my friends of what was going on with me, especially while living abroad, i snow mostly performed via facebook.

Truth to be said, I still can't decide.