Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reading these days... IV

While the NATO "protection of civilians" mission on Libya continues, we discover that
Usa may supply Gaddafi rebels with weapons. Now, that seems indeed a good idea, considering that Al-Qaeda snatched missiles' in Libya. But what do we have to be afraid of, it's not like Energized Muslim Brotherhood in Libya eyes a prize, the "Freedom fighters" and "rebels" are pro-democracy, civil people, not like Libyan rebels appear to take leaf from Kadafi's playbook or, like, we have cases of Revolutionary Justice in Benghazi.

In the meanwhile, the question is Will Syria be Next? While we find out, I'm slightly troubled that 'Abbas would give up US aid to reconcile with Hamas'. Wasn't he a western-supported, democracy nurturing leader? In the meanwhile, my new heroine of the month (and let's hope she will be alive at the end of it) is a Pakistani Actress Bravely Unloads on Mullah & Media. But then again, nothing of this really matters, since an Iranian Video Says Mahdi is 'Near'

In case you haven't been following the last two years of economics news (were you in a coma or something? In case, I hope you didn't have stocks in your portfolio when you went under), you might be interested to know Why European Banks Are Stressed Out. Also because this is what could happen The Day When the Debt Comes Due. In effect, What happened to stimulus vs. austerity?

Of course, all of this seems pretty reasonable, considering how broker seem to be making investments these days and relying on young actresses while taking Outside Edge: Hathaway conquers sage and screen

Good think that The City keeps its composure... ok, maybe not: 200 arrested as protesters cover Trafalgar Square in graffiti

Well, at least they will not be able to vandalize cars for much longer as EU to ban cars from cities by 2050. The thing about steep increases on jet fuel worried me, tho, as it's a huge part of my monthly expenses.

At least, one of the things I always thought has been scientifically proved: Employers, you should Indulge your employees so they don’t mess up. More Facebook in the office!

I'm not yet sure I will be go and watch "Sucker Punch"... but definitely Iwill go and see The Adjustment Bureau!

And finally, two VERY politically un-correct articles: First of all, stop being all melodramatic about Berlusconi’s Teenage Whore and, was Gandhi indeed a Great Soul?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reading these days... III

First of all, Something I always suspected: Men May Be Jerks...But Women Are Insane (the article is much more serious than the title, worth a reading and I find myself 95% in agreement)

So, in short, there is no need to be afraid that the Arab uprising will necessarily lead to islamist government in those countries. After all, there is no evidence of links between uprising and, say, Al Qaeda. Right. Too bad that...
In the meanwhile, More Protests Across Syria... which makes me wonder, no one noticed that all the countries affected (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria) so far were the ones were the governments were, indeed corrupt autocracies, but secularist or trying to be?

In the meanwhile, on the economy news are comforting... well, nevermind that:

Not like the news from the old continent are much better Portugal teeters on brink of bailout, with the WSJ suggesting that the Weak Educational System Hobbles Portugal (but read the original title of the article...). Eventually, the Collapse of Euro Not 'Unthinkable', says Warren Buffett.

Americans are startig to address the problem tho, even if somewhat indirectly: CBO: Taxing mileage a 'practical option' for revenue enhancement.
Really, American politicians are starting to think that highways should have a toll? How amazing. But it will never work, US have the strongest Teamsters Union of the world, and with Rocky as president for a time ;)

And speaking of marvelous ideas, and Emotional voter ID bill debate ends in passage. Apparently they realized that requiring an ID with a picture (as opposed to, say, a library card) might be a good idea to avoid vote frauds. Even more amazing, how could they come up with such a notion, I wonder.

All this while Japan's Nuclear Crisis Worsens. However, I shall point out that, no matter what everyone writes, they are wrong: the power plant had withstood a quake 100 times stronger it was designed for without major problems... then a hour later came a tsunami twice as high (14 meters) as planned. But in all the chaos and despair, you can always count on Japanese people to do something superhuman and earn the title of Badass of the Week: Hideaki Akaiwa (or, the mainstream media less cool version of the story For one quake survivor, self-help in the face of seeming helplessness).

In unrelated news, considering the body's track record, I suppose the resolution was written in ancient Aramaic and therefore absolutely impossible to understand if the UN rights body ditches call to condemn religious ‘defamation,’ focuses on freedom of belief. In fact, it sounds too good, I'll have to find the text and see how the journalist got it wrong.

If you are into macroeconomics, you might be happy to know that the
and you might also want to check
even because the dream of an universal online library might be over as it looks like while they try
Explaining the Google Books Case Saga.

Nevermind, movies would be good for distraction so I've read the new movie from teh director of 300 is out, however ‘Sucker Punch’ Review: Strong on Action, Average on Story. Well, maybe I will watch it. Or not? "Sucker Punch" goes beyond awful, to become commentary on the death of moviemaking (granted, with such a headline one is compelled to go and see it just to see how bad it is...).

Speaking of movies, Legendary Oscar-Winner Elizabeth Taylor Dies at 79. I shall add that she died, artistically speaking, heir-less. Who would be, in fact, her modern day version?

Yes, he was the supreme leader of his contry at the beginning of the XX century, supported eugenics and he thought that his countrymen "have no business to permit the perpetuation of citizens of the wrong type". No, it's not Germany and Adolf Hitler, it's the United States of America and Theodore Roosevelt. What, you didn't know the USA flirted with eugenics?

Ok a laugh is sorely needed: ways to avoid getting the sack: HR recommends and, if you are economics inclined, Planet Money's Toxic Asset.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reading these days... II

Japan quake: Power lines reconnected to Japan's quake-damaged nuclear plant
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* Quake leaves Tokyo waiting for the Big One
Yes, I can tell you, it's a busy time for wheoever works in the nuclear sector...

Libya war: Germans pull forces out of NATO as Libyan coalition falls apart
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* France Says New Non-Nato Body To Lead Action
* U.S. Says Libyan Campaign to Ease as No-Fly Zone Is Secured
* Split on Libya averted as Nato given military control (doesn't seem so averted at all, in fact...)

Gulf Cooperation Council Between Two Fires in Bahrain and Libya
Ah, the joy of the straightforward policy of western democracies that always intervene for the defense of civilians like in Kossovo and Lybia. Except, of course, in Darfour, Iran, Bahrain, Yemen, Congo, Tibet, Birmania... ok, nevermind.

Work of Depressions Watch
Not the most interesting, but probably one of the last articles of Krugman I'll read, since the New York Time is switching to payment service next week

Happy Birthday: The Mighty William Shatner Turns 80 Today
Oh my goodness... Captain Kirk is 80??? Now I feel old for real...

Pray for Japan, Worry for Europe
Related to: US Approaching Insolvency, Fix To Be 'Painful': Fisher
It's a good time for not having debts... just wondering wheter I should start buying a few gold ingots...

Yes, sex can kill you, U.S. study shows

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reading these days...

Nicolas Sarkozy declares multiculturalism had failed
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Did the Copts Miscalculate in Egyptian Elections?
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The Long and Short of Energy Prices

How Obama turned on a dime toward war
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Clash Warfare

47% of Germans think Israel exterminating Palestinians
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The Bankrupt Nihilism of Our Fallen Fantasists
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Europe: Northern exposure
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Illiteracy Rules

Where Have The Good Men Gone?

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