Friday, July 27, 2012

What I'm reading these days - 4th Week of July

Random articles I've found interesting over the last week or so, posted in each section from the oldest to the newest. Mostly for my own reminder, but if you feel like commenting, I'm always up for an interesting discussion in the comments!

On the Euro Crisis:
Moody's Cuts Outlook on Germany, Two Others
It’s Monday, it’s Moody’s, it’s negative on eurozone AAAs
The euro graph of doom
John Paulson Said To See 50% Chance That Euro Will Fail
The INET Council on the Euro Zone Crisis
Is There Even a Panic Button in Europe?
EMU Gets Ostrichized
With a bang, not a whimper
End of game? Don’t bet on it
A Redemption Pact for Europe: Time to act now
Draghi on *that* transmission mechanism
Draghi Blinks. Maybe.
Kill the Euro now?

A Foolish Lack Of Terror
Only fools pay tax, Greek edition (encore)
German Minister Criticized for Greece Comments
Debt crisis: Greece to run out of money by August 20
Buiter’s now predicting Grexit probability of 90%
Who’s bluffing about a Grexit?
Checks reveal tax evasion rampant at holiday resorts

Spain, Italy Ban Short Selling To Slow Market Turmoil
Indebted Valencia asks Spain government for help
A rapid fall in the euro can save Spain

Ten Italian cities at risk of bankruptcy, schools may not reopen
Sicily’s Fiscal Problems Threaten to Swamp Italy

On the US Economy:
U.S. Ethanol Policies Set to Reach Their Illogical Conclusion
Former rating agency worker: 'I am genuinely frightened'
Sandy Weill regurgitates 13-year old cake
The Man Who Invented “Too Big to Fail” Banks Finally Recants. Will Obama or Romney Follow?
Counterparties: The clarifying effects of CEO retirement

Economy and Economics in general:
Why finance can’t be fixed with better regulation
The Path Not Taken ... Thus Far: Debt Deleveraging by Inflation
The idea that inflation might be our friend is gaining traction
The Land of a Million Scrapped Televisions
Club Med and the Sun Belt: Lessons from adjustment within a monetary union
Just for clicks: the Google ad model
We were wrong on peak oil. There's enough to fry us all
Amid energy shortages, a record first-half trade deficit for Japan
Why Argentina’s likely to beat Elliott Associates
How Swiss Bank Pictet Attracts German Millionaires
Swiss base money explodes as the SNB defends the peg
Top quant to next generation: you suck
Britain Unleashed: Why Britain needs Adam Smith more than ever

Honduras may appeal to London courts
The Radicalizing Effect of Euro Disaster
Bandar Is Back
Muslim Brothers plotting overthrow of Gulf states
Pentagon’s 30,000-pound bunker-buster ‘superbomb’ ready for use

Sub Worker sets fire to ship to he could leave early
One Reason Why Blogs are Growing in Influence
Las Navas de Tolosa
HURT: An open letter to Christopher Nolan, Sean Penn and Warner Brothers
U.N. Commission Calls for Legalizing Prostitution Worldwide
How Lego Almost Lost It, Doing Everything Right

Monday, July 23, 2012

What I'm reading these days - 3rd Week of July

Random articles I've found interesting (and remembered to save, in fact I probably read and found interesting ten articles for each one I remembered to note down...) over the last two weeks or so...

On the Euro Crisis:

The Secret Tool Draghi Uses to Run Europe (Forbes)

Finland will not hang itself to the euro at any cost… ( 
It’s hotter in Karlsruhe than you think (
Hunker down for a protracted euro crisis (
About that tumbling euro (
Upsides to a tumbling euro? (
Dornbusch’s Law And The Euro (Krugman)
The Devil is in the Principles (The Irish economy)

Europe's Bank Shifts View on Bond Losses (WSJ)
When Losing Money Sounds Like A Good Idea (Forbes)

The Growing Pain in Spain (Creditwritedowns)
Police fire rubber bullets after huge Madrid protest (yahoo news)
The Latest Jaw-Dropping European Youth Unemployment Stats (Businessinsider)
Spanish yields spiralling upwards (
Not wanting to be left out, Spain’s CDS widen (

Greece Pressed to Resume Austerity Program (
German minister: 'horror' of Greek euro exit has faded (

Moody's downgrades Italy debt rating 2 notches (AP)
A quick maturities reminder, featuring Spain and Italy (

On the US Economy:
Compensation, Too (Krugman)

Finance Capitalism (Krugman)
The commencement address that won’t be given (Berkley Blog)
The fiscal cliff and rationality (Econobrowser)

Economy and Economics in general:
China is probably doing worse than the headline GDP growth suggests (
Economics Memes (Quickmeme)
The terminal disease afflicting banking (
We told you negative rates were a big deal (
Effects of offshoring on home employment and skill upgrading (

Erdogan’s Turkish Government Suppresses Alevi Muslim Minority (TWS)
Busy Month for Obama Campaign with Fundraisers in Switzerland, Sweden, Paris and Communist China (
Pipelines bypassing Hormuz open (

Miscellania:Optimal policy toward prostitution (Marginal Revolution)
Clive Thompson on 3-D Printing’s Legal Morass (Wired)
New 3-D Printers that Don’t Suck (Wired)
Medieval bras discovered at Austrian castle (Guardian)
'Extreme' solar flare erupts, looks like storm is headed to Earth (
Next American woman heads for space -- on this Russian rocket (

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I'm reading these days - 2nd Week of July

Random articles I've found interesting (and remembered to save, in fact I probably read and found interesting ten articles for each one I remembered to note down...) over the last month or so...

On the Euro Crisis:
Koo on German bubbles (
Can Spain and Italy export their way out of trouble? (
What views can you hold about Spain? (
Spain’s Lost Generation: What Do You Do When Half Your Country’s Youth is Unemployed? (
On the (marginal) advantages of the Greek bank jog (
Greek Economy Grinds to a Halt (orig.
French business frustration boils over (orig.
Europe in 1931 (
A Rerun of Europe in 1931' (
Europe’s corruption problem (
Ten things to remember about a banking union (
Europe's Grim Choices (

On the US Economy
Why The Economy Can’t Get Out of First Gear (

Economy and Economics in general:
Don’t Replace Data With Ideology (
The History Behind Berlin’s Cheap Rents (
The macroeconomics of the Chinese kleptocracy (
Firing Aversion: A Cross-Cultural Study (

Hungary Lauds Hitler Ally Horthy As Orban Fails To Stop Hatred (
New Serbian President Favors Putin, Opposes NATO and Independent Kosovo (

Veiling (The Quarterly Journal of Economics)
Bubble on the Potomac (orig.
I've been playing the same game of Civilization II for almost 10 years. This is the result. (
Is the Web Driving Us Mad? (
32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow (
Paul Krugman, European celebrity (
Paul Krugman: 'I'm sick of being Cassandra. I'd like to win for once' (
Apple Removes Green Electronics Certification From Products (