Friday, May 25, 2007

God is in the details...

... and happiness in the small things, like:
  • having your girlfriend arriving in a few hours to stay almost a week;
  • preparing a day trip to Siena (tomorrow) which promises to be full of culture, good wine and good food;
  • having managed for 4 days (5 with today, I hope) to swim for 2,5 kms without suffering too much;
  • having discovered a place near the office that makes a pretty agreeable durum kebap;
  • having re-discovered that the closeby icecream place still makes quite good fruit icecreams;
  • having being called for scheduling an interview with the Admission Tutor of the LSBU the very same day they got my Master application papers (I don't know why, but I want to take it as a positive sign);
  • *and* having had a very supportive reaction from my job's boss as I went to tell him about the possibility of taking a year off from work (ok, it's mostly up to the HR department, but having your boss ready to back you up makes it quite better).
So yes, happiness is in the small things.

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shinsengumi said...

Congrats, and best of luck with the interview!