Friday, July 13, 2007

Strange things happening

Premise: I believe in God, the immortal soul and in several concepts derived from that and I believe in paranormal phenomenons as things we are not yet able to explain, but nothing more. I'm not a lunatic maniac either, as the ones who know me among the ones who read this blog know.

That said, why, one hour ago, I did see the metallic cover of the shower box drain hole move a good twenty centimeters by itself on the shower floor, with rhythmic jumps that slowly did fade off once the thing had stopped in its final position? There was no heart quake, no air flow for how strange it could had been to create such a precise and rhythmic movement and no insects hidden under it and the whole thing made the hair on the back of my head rise. And why in my mailbox there is a mail for the former tenant of this place, gone more than two years ago? And why such creepy things happen on a Friday the 13th and when I have to catch a flight?

That was one of the creepiest things I've ever experienced and I'm now nervous about flying. Ummm....


Anonymous said...

e com'è che proprio ieri ho visto un film sull'argomento?

... scusa se ho mancato di risponderti, per la cena pre-partenza! Baci. Michelinastreghina

Mimi/Barrie said...

Dov'é che andavi? O da dove tornavi? O non-tornavi?


Davvero non sei un maniaco lunatico?
Azz..! e io che credevo.....


Guido Costantini said...

Ah Ah...
Suppongo che la definizione di maniaco lunatico sia relativa entro certi limiti, ma considerando che non penso che Dio agisca tramite me per la salvezza del mondo e non penso di essere stato ripetutamente rapito dagli alieni, credo di poter affermare di essere tutto sommato normale.

Andavo, come al solito, in Germania, più notizie nel prossimo post :)