Saturday, July 19, 2008

B-2-B: Back to Blog

Can't believe it has been almost 10 month since last time I posted something on the blog. I would say that the Master kept me totally busy, but that would be a half-truth at best. What had me discontinuing my blog for real was a casual comment by SO (and that's not Second Officer) about her not wanting to start one due blogging being wonderful for keeping in touch with friends, but hazardous for your career, as more and more firms Google applicants' names first time in the hiring process.

Intrigued I Googled myself and, lo and behold, the first entry is exactly this page. That made me think and a whole 10 months at that. Granted, this blog would prove to a potential boss that I can decently write in English, but would I want to disclose much of my personal events or thoughts? The answer was an unqualified no.

So what do I do back here? Well, I still like writing and still need to keep in touch with a number of people (even if Facebook now helps with that) without the time to emailing each and one of them. So, for now, I've decided a partial resurrection of this blog which, however, will contain more comments about politics, news, books and, possibly, movies (I do not get to see many of them in Germany...) and less and definitely sketchy news about me personally. Probably more boring, I know.

As for now, the interface was totally redone as a sign of good will signalling I really intend to be back. Posts will follow, probably not at the pace of 2006... we'll see how it goes.

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