Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reading these days... IV

While the NATO "protection of civilians" mission on Libya continues, we discover that
Usa may supply Gaddafi rebels with weapons. Now, that seems indeed a good idea, considering that Al-Qaeda snatched missiles' in Libya. But what do we have to be afraid of, it's not like Energized Muslim Brotherhood in Libya eyes a prize, the "Freedom fighters" and "rebels" are pro-democracy, civil people, not like Libyan rebels appear to take leaf from Kadafi's playbook or, like, we have cases of Revolutionary Justice in Benghazi.

In the meanwhile, the question is Will Syria be Next? While we find out, I'm slightly troubled that 'Abbas would give up US aid to reconcile with Hamas'. Wasn't he a western-supported, democracy nurturing leader? In the meanwhile, my new heroine of the month (and let's hope she will be alive at the end of it) is a Pakistani Actress Bravely Unloads on Mullah & Media. But then again, nothing of this really matters, since an Iranian Video Says Mahdi is 'Near'

In case you haven't been following the last two years of economics news (were you in a coma or something? In case, I hope you didn't have stocks in your portfolio when you went under), you might be interested to know Why European Banks Are Stressed Out. Also because this is what could happen The Day When the Debt Comes Due. In effect, What happened to stimulus vs. austerity?

Of course, all of this seems pretty reasonable, considering how broker seem to be making investments these days and relying on young actresses while taking Outside Edge: Hathaway conquers sage and screen

Good think that The City keeps its composure... ok, maybe not: 200 arrested as protesters cover Trafalgar Square in graffiti

Well, at least they will not be able to vandalize cars for much longer as EU to ban cars from cities by 2050. The thing about steep increases on jet fuel worried me, tho, as it's a huge part of my monthly expenses.

At least, one of the things I always thought has been scientifically proved: Employers, you should Indulge your employees so they don’t mess up. More Facebook in the office!

I'm not yet sure I will be go and watch "Sucker Punch"... but definitely Iwill go and see The Adjustment Bureau!

And finally, two VERY politically un-correct articles: First of all, stop being all melodramatic about Berlusconi’s Teenage Whore and, was Gandhi indeed a Great Soul?

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