Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reading these days... VII

First of all, surprising from Germany,
Breaking Ranks: How To Become an Accidental Conservative. Favourite line: "A person who lives a leftist life is living with the appealing awareness of being in the right, in fact, being right all the time." to which I would personally add "and being on a higher moral ground of anyone else, about anything, always". Which is actually good news for conservatives: many vote against the left , rather than for the conservatives, for their intolerant and intolerable obnoxiousness...

For the ones who haven't paid attention, with several euro country on the verge of bankrupcy, the ECB raised interest rates.. suppose that's Why People Say "Eeh!" When They Learn About the ECB . Things are looking really grim for the eurozone so much that we are to welcome to the great big fat Euro fiasco.

In the meanwhile, Banks Face $3.6 Trillion 'Wall' of Debt: IMF while the BRICS demand global monetary shake-up, greater influence (That wold be, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.... but I assume the latter will end up like Zibabwe within 10 years, so I wouldnt't worry about it)

And while the U.S. plans new push on Arab-Israeli peace, to the point os maybe, in September, not vetoing a UN resolution recognizing Palestine as a state, an Italian activist found dead in Gaza after abduction. To be noticed that the guy was part of the Turkish "Freedom" flottilla that challenged Israel's embargo of Gaza, was working in humanitarian projects in the strip and routinely denounced the oppressive Israeli regime (apparently never noticing teh plumes of the rockets being fired by the oppressed...). Way to go as a thank you... even if, perhaps in recognition for his merits, the guys did hang him, rather than beheading him.

Still in the arab world, US, Britain, France vow to push ahead in Libya, even if the U.S., allies see Libyan rebels in hopeless disarray and Nato appeals for more planes. Now, exactly why a No-Fly resolution by the UN which doesn't deal at all with the political scenario would require Gheddafi to leave power, hundreds of ground strikes in support of a side in essentially a civil war and more ground support and attack planes, that's beyond me. But then again In the Ivory Coast, France Does Regime Change, so why not Libya, I guess? Nevermind that 1,000 attack non-Muslim village in Nigeria... why christians, heere or in Sudan or other places, should be protected, after all?

And how to get more planes, anyway, when Obama Guts Defense, which leads Gates and Mullen vs. Obama (that'd be, the Secretary of Defence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). But, after all, Obama Is Just Plain Bad at Politics while being the Presidential Divider.

In the meanwhile, what was once an example of muslim moderation, Turkey, is in Turmoil: Obstruction in Libya, Interference in Syria, Discrimination at Home. In effect, only people who haven't looked at what is going on in Turkey since the beginning of this century can be surprised... it's not turmoil, it's the normal state of affairs of the last decade.

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