Monday, July 23, 2012

What I'm reading these days - 3rd Week of July

Random articles I've found interesting (and remembered to save, in fact I probably read and found interesting ten articles for each one I remembered to note down...) over the last two weeks or so...

On the Euro Crisis:

The Secret Tool Draghi Uses to Run Europe (Forbes)

Finland will not hang itself to the euro at any cost… ( 
It’s hotter in Karlsruhe than you think (
Hunker down for a protracted euro crisis (
About that tumbling euro (
Upsides to a tumbling euro? (
Dornbusch’s Law And The Euro (Krugman)
The Devil is in the Principles (The Irish economy)

Europe's Bank Shifts View on Bond Losses (WSJ)
When Losing Money Sounds Like A Good Idea (Forbes)

The Growing Pain in Spain (Creditwritedowns)
Police fire rubber bullets after huge Madrid protest (yahoo news)
The Latest Jaw-Dropping European Youth Unemployment Stats (Businessinsider)
Spanish yields spiralling upwards (
Not wanting to be left out, Spain’s CDS widen (

Greece Pressed to Resume Austerity Program (
German minister: 'horror' of Greek euro exit has faded (

Moody's downgrades Italy debt rating 2 notches (AP)
A quick maturities reminder, featuring Spain and Italy (

On the US Economy:
Compensation, Too (Krugman)

Finance Capitalism (Krugman)
The commencement address that won’t be given (Berkley Blog)
The fiscal cliff and rationality (Econobrowser)

Economy and Economics in general:
China is probably doing worse than the headline GDP growth suggests (
Economics Memes (Quickmeme)
The terminal disease afflicting banking (
We told you negative rates were a big deal (
Effects of offshoring on home employment and skill upgrading (

Erdogan’s Turkish Government Suppresses Alevi Muslim Minority (TWS)
Busy Month for Obama Campaign with Fundraisers in Switzerland, Sweden, Paris and Communist China (
Pipelines bypassing Hormuz open (

Miscellania:Optimal policy toward prostitution (Marginal Revolution)
Clive Thompson on 3-D Printing’s Legal Morass (Wired)
New 3-D Printers that Don’t Suck (Wired)
Medieval bras discovered at Austrian castle (Guardian)
'Extreme' solar flare erupts, looks like storm is headed to Earth (
Next American woman heads for space -- on this Russian rocket (

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