Saturday, September 15, 2012

What I'm reading these days - 2nd Week of September

Random articles I've found interesting over the last week or so, posted in each section from the oldest to the newest. Mostly for my own reminder, but if you feel like commenting, I'm always up for an interesting discussion in the comments! I've added a star system to signify the articles I found more interesting than the average interesting needed to get on the page and/or articles I very much agree with.

On the Euro Crisis:
☆☆☆ Too central a banker?
☆☆☆☆ The Tragedy of the European Union and How to Resolve It
☆☆☆ Why early sovereign default could save the euro
☆☆☆☆ German domino theory and book-cooking
Why Germany doesn’t want to kick Greece out of the euro
☆ The first sovereign debt crisis in the EU
Eurozone building blocks are falling into place
A Setback for Germany's Euroskeptics

Jobless Greeks Resolved to Work Clean Toilets in Sweden
Inspectors Reject Some Cuts by Greece
Primary Greek tax evaders are the professional classes
Greek Islands for Sale

Move by E.C.B. Puts Pressure on Monti Government

Giving your right arm for 600,000 euros
☆ A parallel euro-verse
Placements privadas, in Spain

Portugal having a better time of it…
The poster child of austerity is lost

On the US Economy:
☆☆☆ August payrolls 96,000 and unemployment rate declines to 8.1 per cent
☆☆☆☆ Fed Watch: Another Jobs Disappointment
We spend $750 billion on unnecessary health care. 
Economists have underestimated the severity of structural shift in US employment dynamics
☆☆☆ Gordon: Is US Economic Growth Over?
Moody’s update on US rating, threatens downgrade
Why Men Fail
Behind the Decline in Incomes
☆☆☆☆ QE3 arrives
☆☆ The Fed will buy over half of all new agency MBS
Job creation: Where are the startups?

World Economy and Economics in general:
☆☆☆☆ New Rules
The necessity of a college education
The Repricing of Oil
☆☆☆ As Low Rates Depress Savers, Governments Reap Benefits
☆ Myths of ancient China
When the US sneezes at the edge of a fiscal cliff, the rest of the world should worry
The Trading Game: A Simple, Easy to Run In-Class Experiment
Is that robot going to steal your job?
Paul Krugman's Baltic Problem

China stimulates, sort of
Chinese steel mills hope this stimulus thing is for real
☆☆ In China, Silvercorp critic caught in campaign by police
How technology is killing the Asian growth miracle
Can Asia avoid the middle-income trap?
☆☆☆ Are Chinese Banks Hiding “The Mother of All Debt Bombs”?
Shadow Bankers Vanishing Leave China Victims Seeing Scams
Chinese corporate risk looks pretty significant

☆☆ Separatism Threatens the Future of Spain
China VP Xi’s Absence From Public Fuels Speculation
Dutch apparently decide they do like Europe after all

☆☆☆☆ Inside story of US envoy's assassination
U.S. rebuts British report on Libya
State Department sets up 24-hour monitoring team for embassy crisis
White House details ‘destructive’ spending cut
Black Flag of Islam Flies Over American Embassy in Tunisia

In the streets Iran's currency trades at 52% discount to the official exchange rate
European Lenders Keep Ties to Iran

☆☆ The Distribution of Summer Temperatures,1950-2011
The Serious Eats Guide to Sandwiches
How to protect New York from disaster
Cosmo, the Hacker ‘God’ Who Fell to Earth
Europeans Dress Better Than Americans: Fact
☆☆☆☆ Maximize Your Chances of Picking a Satisfying Partner
Treatment With Fungi Makes a Modern Violin Sound Like a Stradivarius
☆☆ Americans are world's worst tourists, says new survey
☆☆ The Rudest (And Friendliest) Nations For Travelers

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