Friday, June 23, 2006

Briefs from the week

Slow week. Fast Week. have you ever noticed how there are times when there is a strange atmosphere in the air, when time doesn't seem to pass at all, but then you realize it's already friday and the week is gone, leaving you wondering how did you ever manage to have five whole days passing without barely realizing? Well, this week was one of those for me.

Maybe it's the sun. After a first half of June that seemed to have forgotten the meaning of the word summer, it's since monday that temperatures and humidity have risen dramatically, way over the 30 (centigrades) limit and giving you that typical suffocating feeling so normal in Rome between July and August. Thinking about it, is not even the sun itself, as the sky has been, until today, almost continuously covered with a darker or lighter, but invariably grey layer of clouds which, rather than giving refreshment to the people under them, did nothing but add to the feeling on gloom.

Or maybe was the little argument with Susanne that, like every stupid argument born from somethign made with the best intentions, escalated out of proportion bringing 2 or 3 days of grumbling thoughts.

On one side, that actually made me, once again, wonder on the immense differences on the concept of privacy that divide the latins and the nordics.

On the other, truth to be told, I was probably in tort this time, but regardless of that, sometimes I ask myself if two person who can apparently go to quite some extremes to make a point out of principle and, probably, pride can ever avoid hurting each other at all. Probably not. The annoying this is that there should be a manual written and published explaining how to get out of the stall that always follow the little storms as fast as you actually got yorself into them, but apparently no one ever thought about publishing it. I even could suggest a title "How to jump out of the glass you created a storm in - 3 easy steps".

Anyway, the week still offered some interesting moment. Wednesday was the day of 4 languages, for instance. Italian at work, russian at lunch time when I happened to go to my now favourite Japanese restaurant with a net friend of mine from Saint Petersburg, Tatiana, who I had met online during my short-lived attempt of learning russian a few months ago. then it was german at evening for my bi-weekly class which I left before the end to rush to an English-italian language exchange organizes by one of the now many american universities in Rome, the Arcadia.

Yesterday was, on the other hand, a very italian day as Italy played against Check Republic the last game of the World Championship's 1st round. After quite some moments of panic, Italy managed to score once and, together with the referee expelling one of the Check players, that led eventually (even if in a not really easy way) to Italy's success 2-0 and her finishing first of her group, which means meeting a surprising Australia for the next round. Quite troubling, tho, is the fact that our best player was, without any doubt whatsoever, our goalkeeper.

And now, waiting for the hours to pass that will lead to german class again and my own german (if she can call me "mein italiener" I can call her so) right after, I am wondering what I will do this week-end.. besides obviously watching Germany-Sweden tomorrow.

Have a good week-end, everyone.

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