Tuesday, June 13, 2006

News Flashes

I knew it. I just knew it. Actually, deep inside I did what I did exactly because I knew what consequences it would had brought with it. And before you start thinking I committed some sort of crime or unspeakable thing, I'm just saying that as soon as I installed a dial-up connection, exactly 11 hours later to be precise, Telecom finally managed to send a technician and give me back my ADSL connection. Obvious.

Another obvious consequence is that I ended up staying on the net until 2 am and today I'm pretty zombie-like and despite that, the plan for today is to go keep going until a not better specified hour tonight, given that Liesbeth's birthday is today and a pizza with a bunch of people, definitely less than friday, is planned. originally I should had gone home early, slept maybe a hour, talking with Susanne and then heading out, but then, for the first time in maybe 12 hours, a large law-related assignment landed on my desk, and obviously is labelled "high priority", so I will end up staying here until having to go there.

Italy won 2-0 over Ghana in her first World Championship game, but the game was tougher than the result would suggest and our defence was shaken more than once, when only the lack of a good forward among the africans prevented the game to take a wrong turn. Let's hope it's just that they are playing so to be in top-shape for the second half of the tournament, or that could not last long for us. Funny thing, I'll see the next game in berlin, where I'll be from thursday evening until sunday.

More news from work: for the first time ever, my firm will be closed, therefore forcing its employees to take 4 days off, during mid-august week (the 15th is a holyday here). Considering I had tickets for Berlin between the 11 and the 15 and then again between the 18 and the 20, I might end up staying the whole week up there, we'll see.

Back to my documents now...

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