Friday, December 01, 2006

The second half of the week and to Mainz once again

1) Wednesday evening my football team won 8-2. given they had lost last friday while I was on my way to Germany, we are presently ranked third. I played one of the most awful game since I can remember and if you consider that we played half the game in 7 (we had one red card), you can realize the difference in the field: if one team wins with a difference of 6 with a goalkeeper in a very bad day and with one man less, it means that there basically was only one team playing.

2) Thursday I finished "Key to Rebecca" and with that all the books I had recently bought in my last library run. I once again need something to read.

3) Voices and whispers keeps going around about my transfer: some say I'll be out of here in a week, some in a month, some never. In the meanwhile, most of the people of my present office behave as if I wasn't here already, showing the tact of a rhinoceros charging head down in a crystals' shop.

4) Susanne's net is dead. I happened to spot Bea online and have a nice and long (well, for our standards) conversation with her and it's all her fault if now I've activated a DA account. I had actually made one last august, but now I've even posted something there (old stuff tho, I should start again going around at week-ends with my camera). Liesbeth is in Budapest. Someone else keeps ringing me. I've thoughts of retiring in a monastery.

5) Amazingly, I keep having the strangest dreams and remembering at least bits of it. Wonder if that has some medical implications.

6) Now I know what to do as Christmas present to S. I know how to do it theoretically. I think I have the materials. Now, time and actual skill, that will be the problem...

I can't wait to be in Mainz... and I surely hope I shall not find myself alone at the bus station once again. Did I mention about my thoughts of monastic hermitage?

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