Monday, December 18, 2006

Summing up

It has been almost a week since my last post, the longest hiatus, probably, since I started blogging. had too many things to do, I suppose, and for once it is not an excuse.

Wednesday I had the dinner with the company's CEO and the football team. It was as pleasant was expected given the situation, that being a dozen low and middle level employees facing their hyper narcissist CEO, her secretary, the head of the legal office, the head of the general service department and some ex cop currently a consultant for security. My strategical position, at the other end of the table, allowed me some freedom, but still... to make things worse, after a wave of decent appetizers, it was served a pizza that we discovered, too late, made with a flour made 50% of soy.

Thursday afternoon, after a run to get Susanne's Christmas presents, and early evening were all spent tidying up my room in preparation of Susanne's arrival later that evening.

Friday I took the day off (which means I had an hyper-short working week, considering that monday and tuesday I was home due illness), which was spent mostly at home studying (Susanne) and playing with the computer (me). I got a hold of Space Empires V, the latest installment of one of my favourite 4x strategy games and couldn't help myself. In the evening, I had the unfortunate idea of taking her to my football game, the last of the tournament. Now, last time I took a gf of mine to a game we did loose 12-1. This time we did fare better, ending with a 2-2 tie, but after having been on the lead 2-0 until 10 minutes from the end, which surely didn't make anyone happy (especially after the CEO, 2 days before, had stressed out HOW important was to win the last game...). Anyway, a dinner with the players followed and was nice in its own way, even if I should never do the mistake again of eating half a kilo of almost raw meat.

And saturday came. Susanne and me, for once, acted as the very typical ordinary (italian) couple and found ourselves wandering around the large mall which is close to my home, surrounded by hundreds of other couples browsing around for their Christmas shopping, a horde of teens (basically girls only) and a bunch of scattered families (but the numbers of family could had been higher with many of them disguised as couple, given that at the mall's run kindergarten there were at least 30 kids being entertained so that their parents could freely walk around the shops. Unlike the typical couple, tho, we ended up staying almost a hour in the (little) bookshop of the mall. In the evening, erithrean restaurant, walk downtown and especially at Piazza Navona's classic Christmas market and then we decided not to go to dance as we had planned originally, but headed home and ended up watching "The Terminal" at home, placidly laying next to each other on a couch.

Sunday we ended up raising awfully late (so much that we were greeted by a "good evening" rather than by a "good morning" by the family and Susanne skipped breakfast to wait directly for lunch). After that, we headed to a museum in via del Corso where we met with Liesbeth and checked an exposition about Piranesi (one of my favourite artists and probably one of the greatest printers ever) followed by a drink at a irish pub close by. And it was already time to head home, have dinner with family, exchanging wishes and then taking Susanne to the airport (with my scooter, an 11 minutes ride, kind of a record).

And that brings us here, monday, working day, swimming pool afterwards and then I got a sudden invitation for dinner by Liesbeth for some "flemish food"... I'm curious. And I can't believe it is already the 18th december. I started buying a few sparse presents, but the total lack of cold weather makes me hardly feel Christmas-like. We'll see...

Oh... and I finally ordered my new notebook!


Michela said...

Il pub era x caso il Trinity college? Là ho bevuto per la prima volta l'Irish coffee.

Guido Costantini said...

Era decisamente il Trinity ed un Irish Coffee è esattamente quello che ha preso la mia ragazza, pensa un po' :)