Friday, September 08, 2006

New York and Venice

About me: all is well, Susanne and are having a good time and today is my last day of work before a 10 days break (two week-ends and everything in between taken has days off) and today I've a half idea of taking her to Castel Gandolfo (the Pope's summer residence overlooking the Albano's lake) before joining the VCN people for the first post-summer happy hour.

Other news: at 5 years from 9/11 the final plan for the new World Trade Center was unveiled (left - click to enlarge) and I must say, even if I did like more a couple of the other projects which were running to win, the final one looks, at least in part, great. The Freedom tower (the first on the left) looks futuristic enough, but the new tower right next to it looks great. Ok, of course it's just a drawing made specifically to have everything look cool, but it is indeed cool. It's like Blade Runner without the rain, fog and everything. It's a pity that the rest looks pretty much anonymous. In theory, everything should be ready by 2012 and considering it's americans we are talking about, it's probably going to be like that... I just wonder if I'll manage to go to New York by then or right then. Or ever?

Vaguely related to it, as I'm preparing to take the TOEFL exam I've started fiddling with the official book edited by ETS to prepare for Internet based version of the test. Well, in the three attempts I've done so far about the reading section I got a 13 out of 13, 13 out of 13 and 12 out of 13. Encouraging.

Also, I do not know if I'll be writing anything in the coming days. Sunday morning I'm leaving for the much anticipated travel and the final plan see us going to Bologna for about 8 hours, then moving to Montagnana (right, click to enlarge), a delightful and fully preserved middle age city, and using a small apartment I did rent there make excursions to Verona, Mantova and Padova. From there, Venice for two days and one night and then Ferrara for 2 days, one of which spent to visit Ravenna.

Pray for good weather for me.

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