Monday, September 04, 2006

Running Post

I've no time. Week-end was great, sunny (to the sun-burnt limit) as an early september can be, icy (in the water) as an early september can be, overfed (italian moms are something, italian moms with a guest are something else, italian moms with a guest who is their firstborn's gf are too much) and sleepy.

Morning spent in an absolutely pointless internal course, lunch-break with a new all time record: office-home-office in 40 minutes included 5 minutes waiting for Susanne to come down from my apartment (only to discover she wanted me to come up). Light salad, heavy reprise of the internal course and now that the course is over I'm waiting for the few minutes dividing me from the 16:06, the earliest time I can get out of here and join Susanne who is currently reading somewhere around my office. Hopefully, still.

Improvised plans for the rest of the week.

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