Friday, September 01, 2006


100. One hundred. This is the hundredth post since the 21st of febraury, the day I started keeping a blog. It makes 100 posts in 192 days, less than I meant to, but probably more than I really expected. In these 100 posts there have been a dozen books, a few movies, several happenings, a dozen travels (half of which to Berlin), the three main capitals of Europe (London, Berlin and Paris), the meeting with a couple of new friends and a few of the old ones, a new government for my country, a new war and the same old news from the middle east and, even worse, the same old news from Iran, someone died, no one was born.

Some interesting six months, I'd say, which I hope will be the prelude to something new. Well, something new will surely come with the switch from Berlin to Mainz as main city of interest in Europe. Something new would be nice to happen in the working department, as it has been stalling for way too long and in the meanwhile in mid october I'll betaking the TOEFL exam, because you never now. And something new might come from the family front now that my bro has graduated and might be close to starting working himself.

But while I wait for new things, my friends, I will gladly deal with the present which promises to be particularly nice in the next three weeks. At 8 I'll be picking up Susanne from the airport and we'll spend almost a month together, a week of which travelling all around the italian North-East (Venice included). If we'd just manage to keep our debating sides at bay...

Have a good week-end, everyone.

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Eugene said...

That's certainly better than my record. . . 98 posts in the space of one year. Keep it up!