Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A second summer

It's September, but for the weather we had in the past few days, it might very well be late May. Sunny, warm, I just hope it will keep like this for another 10 days as Venice under the rain might even be romantic, but it's definitely unpractical.

Anyway, days are going on. Having breakfast and grocery shopping with Susanne is becoming a very nice (and addicting, I must say) routine while having lunch together has been a sort of adventure the last two days. Of the new world record for the office-home-office trip I've already said. Yesterday my brother (my brother!!!) took the car and brought her to the nearest metro station and she somehow managed to find again my office. Today a step forward, she should get to the metro by bus... hope she will not get hopelessly lost. Thank the Almighty for mobile phones.

For the rest, monday evening we should had gone to a concert of a Renato Zero tribute band (Him being a quite peculiar and locally famous singer), but we ended up staying home instead. Yesterday I took her to one of the most peculiar (and scarcely known) museums of Rome, the one hosted in the former power plant "Montemartini" where the odd contrast between the roman sculptures and the massive, mid XIX century, machinery creates a very intriguing atmosphere.

In the evening, despite my belly being in a riot (has it unfortunately has been for several days now, since the unwisely overfed week-end) I accepted a plead of help of one of the managers of my firm who needed a five-a-side goalkeeper. I must confess, the idea was showing my skill to Susanne most than anything else, but my plan was disrupted as she took a book with her, sat down in the sport center lobby and spent all the time reading. No cheering and pon-pon girls for me.

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