Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Boy I'm beat

News, more news...

Yesterday was a day devoted to sport. After my usual 2 kms at the pool (with a time of 52 minutes and 25 seconds), as that was not enough, I went to play football until 10 pm. The result is that today I'm aching all over, but I'm sure once I'm back in the water I will be ok again (or my arms will fall off, which is also possible).

In the meanwhile, it's sales time here in Rome. Over two days I got myself three shirts, three ties, a pair of gloves, a hat and tried out 3 suits (none of them, unfortunately, fitting well). Suits apart, I wouldn't mind getting a pair of good shoes and maybe a couple of blouses, we'll see. All that while I should be studying a bit of english grammar as this coming friday is the day I will be taking the TOEFL exam.

What else, what else... I've decided to start the VCN ethnic dinner for 2007 and organizing a peruvian dinner coming tuesday. A half a hour ago, using my lunch break, I drove quickly to the place, arranged the menu and, considering I'm basically skipping lunches these days, came out of the place with an immense hunger. To make things even nicer, I was caught midway back to the office by a storm.

Thinking about it, the coming days will be pretty full: TOEFL on friday, Mainz over the week-end, VCN dinner on tuesday, the following weekend out of Rome with Nova Romans and on monday my surgery. All along, swimming and possibly some reading and german studying. I wish I had 48 hours days.

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