Monday, January 15, 2007

There and back again

In so many, for now only announced, changes, I got back to the usual week-end migration. Friday evening at the usual time I got to my usual airport, boarded the usual flight and made the usual travel to Germany. Something unusual happened then, when I met Laura, another of the "sentimental travellers" I did write about a while ago and I was offered a ride to Mainz rather than having to get a bus.

Only thing was, I couldn't give precise directions so, eventually, I made them stop at a place that looked more or less familiar and then, for about half a hour, i tried to orientate myself in Susanne's neighborhood, too stubborn and proud to call for help. Maybe as a form of premonition, tho, I had taken with me a little map of Mainz and eventually, despite the scarce light, I made sense of the tiny characters and made it home, finding a Susanne jumping for my arrival (which is something I honestly adore, when she literally jumps around... it's a bit childish, but lovable).

What followed was a very relaxing and unfortunately short week-end including restaurant (unfortunately our favorite one turned out to be closed for unknown reasons), cocktails (and there I was reminded that german cocktails are twice as big and twice as strong as their italian counterparts), grocery shopping, italian studies (for her, with me as corrector) and all the niceties of an established, yet none the less enthusiastic, couple. Indeed, Susanne and me turn 18 months right today and a month from now we'll become each other's longest relationship, right on Saint Valentine day, go figure.

Anyway, the week here has opened in a mixed way. My weight is still way over the warning line despite strict diet and 2 kms of daily swimming. To be precise, I lowered it to 71.6 (for the new electronic scale we got today), down from the 72.5 of right after the Christmas holidays but still far away from the minimal BMI (68) and another universe form the sought after 65. On better news, my soon to be manager invited me to a play five-a-side with him.

Oh, and struck by the delusion that the artistic gene that was in my grandfather (a quite good painter, in my opinion) could be awaken in me if only I tried long enough, I got myself a graphic tablet... we'll see if I'll manage to draw something even vaguely unable to produce nausea in the observes.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know why I gave you the portable map of Mainz... ;)