Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Me and Politics

A couple of friends have asked me why I do not write about politics anymore. That probably has to do with the reason I basically do not even talk about politics anymore, with the exceptions of some exchanges with my parents and with Susanne. It actually gets even worse, as my rejection has worsened to such a point that it's about 6 months I do not even read newspapers anymore, with the exception of the online versions, which do not say much anyway.

And after all, why doing that? If I check the things I did write about untill last summer, I see nothing has changed: Iran was then and is still now developeing its atom bomb in the more or less total indifference of the world. Same for North Korea, assuming the test they performed a few months ago was indeed a failure, as labelled by the US, and not an actual detonation of small scale. Iraq is the usual bloody affair, made worse by the democratic victory at the US midterm's election (why worse? Because I think Iraq needs more determination to be applied and not the "when are we leaving" attitude the Dems will unavoidably bring in the picture). Israel is still being targeted daily by rockets, despite the light civil war that is ongoing in Gaza.

In Italy, the center-left coalition government is more and more conditioned in its choices by the extreme-left parties and, in the 8 months they have been ruling, they have only been able to agree on a 40 billion dollars tax increase. For the rest, foreign banks rule the economy (for example, former Goldmann & Sachs people can be found everywhere, first and most notably the governor of the Bank of Italy), the foreign minister moves Italy more and more on an anti-american and generally filo-islamic line in foreign politics, while the country, as a whole entity, is generally stuck in the mud.

In the meanwhile, the head of the conservative party here opens to gay marriages, euthanasy and fetal researches, basically depriving me of any political representation, as I do not need a conservative party for things the left and radinal ones have been the heralds for since forever.

If there is somone who is disillusioned with politics, that's me. The very illusion, because that was it, of the existance (somewhere, somehow) of politics as rational ideas transmutated in objective plans efficiently put in action to achieve practical goals, hopefully in light of teh national interests and for the good of the state and the society as a whole, or at least of a majority of that, has faded for me and therefore any interest in following the minor and usually irrelevant squabbles of more or less secondary politicians which will not translate in anything practical, locally or internationally.

Hopefully, this state of mine will last only for a while and not forever, inthe meanwhile, I promise to make an effort and get back reading at least a newspaper. If my stomach can stand it, that is.

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