Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quite some news

Sometimes an event that you have expected so much that you were losing hopes to see it happen combines itself with another event you didn't really expect at all and the mix opens wild new possibilities.

The expected event is my office transfer. I was unofficially given the news yesterday afternoon that, operative from the 1st of febraury, I'll be working for the Institutional Relations office, a nice label that actually covers the unofficial lobbying and legislative contacts department of my firm. That's good news, if nothing else because I will be doing something new. Actually,to be honest, I'll be doing something, as the last months here have been a time of total no-employment, compared with the previous years of under-employment. The still unofficial, but this time written, news came this morning by the way of an email from the HR manager, so I can finally say it's true.

The unexpected event came about yesterday as well, just minutes after the news of above. The same HR manager sent about a note in which he basically froze the use of overtime for the whole firm, based on budget re-allocation for 2007. At first, that was a pretty annoying news, as the first consequence of such a thing would be a net economic loss for me of about 200 euros a month, a good 1/7 of my monthly incomes, yet, moments after the note was made public, it opened a whole new horizon to me.

The enlightenment too the form of a call from one of my soon-to-be colleague. In a brief coffee talk, he explained that my new office, for its peculiar kind of work, had the need of having at least some people working, in turns, until 8.00 pm. In the impossibility of having overtime anymore, flexible time was "offered", meaning some people would get to job at noon rather than at 8 am and finish at 8.21 pm rather than 4.21 pm. And everything fell in its place when I considered that, with two free morning every week, I might get back to lawyer practicing (although a light form of it) and most important, to hearings attendance, two years of which are necessary to even consider taking the bar exam.

And so, I did call my best friend (I was working in his father's, now his and his father's, firm as a practitioner), explained the situation and, almost exactly three and a half years (damn, can't believe so much time has passed already) after leaving for the job I have now, I was welcomed back in the ranks.

So, not only I will have a new work in February, I will actually have two. While I'm sure it will mean a mighty effort to put forward both activities while keeping a LDR relationship going and possibly not abandoning the idea of a MBA, I'm challenged by the idea. Of course, coming out of three years of hibernation just to jump right in hell doesn't help at all. Somehow, I feel my brain has been in a sort of a coma, I just hope it is still a reversible one.

I do actually not know if I will be able to make it, but if I do not try, I shall never know, I suppose.


Michela. said...

Supponi giusto.
E davvero in bocca al lupo.

Eugene said...

Woot! All of that certainly is good to hear; I hope you enjoy your new position and wish you the best of luck with getting back to the legal practice!

Apologies for not keeping up with your blog in the past few weeks; I was beset by a slew of frustrations that completely ruined my winter plans. Regardless, here are my belated season's greetings: happy new year and best wishes to you and yours!