Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Boring days

Playing a bit with the words of a Bruce Springsteen's song I used to like a lot once upon a time (when it had a special meaning for me, I could say:

Boring days well they'll pass you by
Boring days in the wink of a young girl's eye
Boring days, Boring days

Indeed not much noteworthy is happening. The week-end was uneventful, I managed to enjoy a day at the beach, but sunday was raining and so my total days spent at the beach for this year has stopped at the grand number of two. Two! Ah, the summers I used to spend months at our little seaside house... Anyway, at least I managed to read a lot, finishing Shogun and starting Gai-jin.

Monday and now tuesday rolled away quietly, with me carrying on with a job that I like less and less with the passing weeks and months and in the meanwhile trying to fix some things in the house.

Let's face the truth, I'm just waiting for friday when S. will be over for a whole 24 days, twice as much as the longest period we ever have been next to each other. If she will manage to catch her plane this time, obviously...

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