Monday, August 07, 2006

Chronicles of a long anticipated week-end

Einstein should had gone a bit further on than just enunciating the theory of the relativity with its corollary of famous examples: he should had solved the problems related to it. After 5 weeks that felt like 5 months I finally managed to be with meine kleine freundin, but the 3 days we managed to spend together flew away like 3 hours. There's something really wrong with it.

Truthfully, it's already something we did manage to meet. With typical german precision and punctuality, in fact, she managed to miss her flight to Rome. now, getting out of the shower at 7.30 and, after having waited for more than 840 hours, finding an sms on your mobile simply saying "I missed my flight. :-((" gives a whole new meaning to the expression "feeling the sky crashing upon you". Luckily, God intervened in the form of a mom filled of pity for her daughter and so it was she managed to board the AirBerlin flight of the evening, reaching Rome 12 hours after the original planned hour and at a different airport, but almost making it up for it coming out of the baggage claiming area (10 seconds after her flight had officially been declared as "landed", my girl is a sprinter it seems) in a literally breathtaking red dress.

The week-end saw us dancing at a very nice international party organized on the Celio hill (one of Aziz's parties, which are becoming a fixture of the international community in Rome), driving 100 kms on a scooter (covered in little more than 90 minutes) to get to the seaside and have a bath (allowing me to enjoy what I shall call from now on the "sparkling effect") in a sea of Sabaudia, under the watching tower placed there against the turkish pirates and yesterday overlooking a sea with quite some waves followed by a nice family barbecue and then a visit to the top of the mountain towering over the Circeo's bay and then to the lighthouse at the tip of the Circeo promontory.

Both would had been extremely romantic moments if the neapolitan curse hadn't fallen upon us. In the first case it took the shape of 2 couples busy, in a nice secluded spot overlooking the sea at night with the stars' beams mirrored by the valley's lights and an almost full moon reigning over the peaceful landscape, watching the recordings made by one of them on her mobile phone at some rock concert, the poor device blasting a distorted sound at its maximum capacity, with the occasional, absolutely mangled, comment.

In the second, in a scenery very similar to the other but with the sound of the waves crashing against a rocky environment under the slightly ghostly lights of the lighthouse, by a band of guys who, communicating more with verses than actual words, were trying to woe some unfortunate girls to join them.

The morning after, sunday, the weather didn't help us much (truth to be said, the day started quite late) and the second going to the beach was called out, as it was thought wise to leave for the return ride in which we were lucky enough, as it seems rain had just preceded us along the way, but didn't actually find us. Dinner at our usual restaurant organized at the last minute (Highlight comment by Susanne: "Now we look like a couple who has been together for a while" "why?" "Because only those go out eating in such a casual way"... I don't know, but I liked that) and walk along the Tiberine island, where I would had liked to take her the first time I met her, but was unable to due the late hour.

And so the week-end had gone away and this morning I took her to the airport before going to work, the usual separation's gloom only partly mitigated by the knoweledge that I will see her again this coming friday in Berlin, this time for ten whole days. And now... I'd so much like to sleep.

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