Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Goulash and other things

Ok, I've had a soft spot for goulash since I was a kid and my father, from time to time, took us to the "Albrecht", a restourant in Rome that proudly labels itself "austro-hungarian", run by the third or fourth generation of Albrechts, a family that, if I got it right, got in Rome more than a century ago from Vienna.

Then, it happened that my path crossed the one of Beatrix (from Hungary, on the right) and they ran parallel for one year and a half, and she happened to be the first girl to ever cook something for me and I still remember her goulash, which actually is called Porklot in Hungary, as something absolutely great, so much that I even did learn (and now forgot) how to cook it, even if with way worse results. I actually pretended that was because I couldn't have Szeged paprikas for cooking that properly in Rome... then she gave me a little sack of it, and my goulash didn't improve a bit.

Anyway, today it happened that going to have lunch with a couple of colleagues, we headed towards an Irish pub close to the office and on the menu I did spot the goulash. After a bit of internal debate (goulash in an Irish pub? How realistic is that?) I eventually decided to give it a try and that turned out to be a great decision as it was not as good as Bea's, not even as good as Albrecht's, but it was a pretty good one nevertheless.

On another matter, my swimming afternoons are coming to an end as the pool will close at the end of the week and open again in September, but only with scheduled lessons which I'm not going to take, as my time will probably be taken by more german classes. Pity, I had gotten to swim 1.5 kms in about 50 minutes, with pauses becoming less and less necessary.

And it's just 2 days now until my flight to Berlin, for a good 10 days...

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