Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Yesterday evening, by chance, I spotted the beginning of a movie in TV. Considering the absolute vacuum that usually is on tv during the summer, so perfect that you could have physics experiments done in it, I followed, at first distractedly, then completely caught in the story narrated in a very strange ways, with continuous flashbacks following three different lines of a plot that obviously converges at a given point.

The movie was "21 grams" and I must admit I was wrong to skip it a few years ago, when it came out in the cinemas, just because the main star is Sean Penn, at the time also the leading character in "Dead Man Walking". "21 grams" is an astounding movie and Sean Penn should had got the Oscar for playing in it (he got it, instead, that year for the other movie) and Benicio del Toro, who, sadly, afterwards appeared only in the disappointing "Sin City", should had followed suit.

Totally unrelated to the movie, today I had another funny case of a catalyzed chain reaction the seeds of which had been laid way in the past:

* years ago, I had my best friend joining my students association, ELSA. With this student association he met, among others, a spanish guy, named Carlos and a croatian/german girl called Milka. Thanks to Alessandro and Carlos, years later, I met Susanne.

* years ago, with my association, I met Beatrix, my hungarian ex, and due to her Hungary had always a special place in my heart. Because of her, 2 years ago, I visited Budapest again with the excuse of an ELSA seminar and met or re-strengthened my links with several members of ELSA Budapest, among whom Dalma.

* this year, Susanne decided to study in Mainz. Milka is from Mainz and I asked her some help and directions, besides taking the opportunity to see her when we were in Mainz looking for an apartment. When we met in Mainz, she happened to mention that she was going to Budapest in September and would had liked some help. So it happened that I called Dalma who gladly offered her help and at the same time was just about to call me as she has a friend coming to study in Rome and needed some help. Now, if this friend would happen to be able to do something to help Alessandro for something, the chain would be closed.

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Trixi said...

"case of a catalyzed chain reaction the seeds"... what a nice comparison :D It was pretty interesting to read your thougths about these connections. It seems things work in bigger the same as in atomic level... human relations and connections between us people are always interesting for me (even though I am not a fan of conspration-theories). I liked this entry :) - but I don't like that movie... for me that "zigzag" in time was very-very disturbing.