Thursday, August 03, 2006

Le déjeuner sur l'herbe

Ok, it wasn't exactly like the picture, most especially we didn't have the nude participant, but yesterday, after sunset, we did have a white wine evening in Villa Borghese which turned out to be extremely pleasant.

Born as an idea during the last VCN barbecue, it saw a half dozen people (2 french girls, a swiss couple and myself at the beginning, joined later by an italo/croation guy and another italian) gathering at the main entrance of Villa Borghese at 8 and then trying to find a nice spot, possibly with fresh water nearby to keep the wine cool. It took a bit and in the meanwhile I found myself, once again, noticing the desperate need of cleaning that our streets and parks would need.

Anyway, after having turned down the Turtles' fountain in front of the Modern Art National gallery, which would had made a great scenery, but had the downside of not offering much as sitting places (while being a favourite spot, it seems, of tiger-mosquitoes) and given that the lake area was going to be closed soon, we settled near the "Fontana della Pescheria". Once there, we did light a couple of the citronella lamps I had brought with me, opened the first bottle, took out some snacks, and started chatting along about various issues.

Time went by, the first bottle went with it, and it was the turn of an excellent "Pinot Gris" brought over by Vanessa (the co-author of the evening) and then of an agreeable, even if not comparable with the previous wine, Falanghina. It's interesting how three hours and three bottles could had passed so quickly, and yet they were and being the closing of a working day which would had been followed by another working day, we called it over at about 11, soon after the latest arrivals had shown up.

In the end, something to try again, maybe somewhere else.

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