Friday, February 24, 2006

Week-end Prospective (and Liesbeth)

Lunch break is over, there's gym after work, then a Nova Roma meeting at 7.30 near S. Andrea della Valle and finally, to close the day, the VCN-Rome Happy Hour, this time near Piazza Navona.

Considering I've ended up sleeping less than 5 hours tonight (and not even that well, I know I had strange dreams and for once I remember bits of them when ususally I don't remember anything of them), that it's raining again and everything, I'm not so much eager as I usually am to go to the Happy Hour thing, but I hope my mood will change with the phisical effort at the gym as it usually does, maybe helped by a good long sauna. Not to mention there's the possibility that a few of the people I exchanged mails over the last two weeks will be there and I'm curious about them.

Liesbeth will not be there, anyway. Oh, right, who's Liesbeth? She's a quite nice (and pretty, i shall add, in a very flamish way, if you have ever seen the flamish painters' works) who I met thro the VCN mailing list and who, after a first meeting to go and see Oliver Twist in original version (have to say, I did understand less than one third of the movie, mostly in strict cockney accent), befriended. She has just finished working at the European Commission's delegation and is now going to start another intern period at WFP and then at the IFAD. Quite a smart girl, as I said. And before you people wonder, no. What no? You know what. So anyway, she shall not be there as she will be in Perugia for.. personal reasons (see, I told you, no) and I'm somewhat disappointed, as I kinda enjoy her company and is quite a while I so not see her. But, apparently, I shall soon on sunday as I volounteered to help her moving to her new flat.

So, Liesbeth in Perugia, Susanne (Susanne who? Gee, since when you are not in touch with me, my friend?) at some SPD political seminar around Brandenburg for the week-end... it promises to be a grey week-end indeed, just as much as the sky is right now and, so weather forecasts say, will be at least for another couple of days.

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