Saturday, February 25, 2006


I'm in a wretched mood. It happens to the best of us, so figure if it doesn't happen to me. I guess an explanation is needed, tho, or you might think I get annoyed just randomly (which happens, obviously, too, but let's pretend it doesn't).

So, at the young age of 30 and after 25 years since last time, I am getting again my own room in my parents' new house. I shall let aside the irony of that happening when it's way too late for me to really enjoy that and when it's already two years I'm looking (and failing) for a little place for living on my own and maybe I shall write at another moment of the reasons why Italians do really stay home with their family more than probably anyone else in the world and that's not because our moms are the best cooks we'll ever find (well, that too) but... OK, I'm digressing.

Anyway, I spent today looking for the furniture for my new bedroom, walked for hours in these megastores where they put on display hundreds and hundreds of rooms, seen several interesting things, finally found a solution that would be optimal, we (oh yeah, I was with my parents, it was ages I didn't o out with both of them and it was a good excuse to do it) went to take a few measures at the new house and found out the A/C is in the way and I can't arrange the furniture... actually, that I can't get them at all given they are a composite set that has to be placed in a given way or nothing.

The whole saturday afternoon wasted, and I actually haven't slept well either, due the fact the wine at the VCN-Rome Happy Hour was... well, let's say pretty bad and there is nothing like bad wine, even in small quantities, for having a bad night. If you add that yesterday before the night out I went to gym where my usual aerobox trainer was absent and the substitute gave us 55 very exhausting minutes of jumps, kicks and punches.

Annoyed and exhausted and with a wretched mood. Beware.

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emerson said...

Just found your blog. Love it.
Bad wine might be enough to ruin a day altogether.

Perhaps tomorrow will be brighter.