Friday, February 24, 2006

Books III - The Singing Sword

Yep, I finished the "Skystone". 535 pages in less than 6 days is not such a good average, but after all they were mostly work days, followed by gym and everything so the time was what it was. I actually found myself yesterday night reading at 1 am and parting with the book, with great disappointment, when there were less than 75 pages to the end realizing it was already too late.

So, yep, I liked it, even if the Romans of Rome don't come out so nicely in the second half of the book. So we have now a small but pretty active roman-britannic colony between Bath and Exeter, Stones falling from the sky, no knights, no Excalibur and the declining (sigh) Roman Empire. I brought with me to the office "The singing sword" (as you can see, in italian, "La spada che canta") even if I doubt I shall have the time to open it today.

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