Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Online Communities

There are two online communities I invest most of my net-dedicated time and since I just happened to be involved in a discussion in one of those, why not?


Nova Roma is an interesting community. Born about 10 years ago in the closing days of the micronations age (those, to be understood, that saw the raise of mighty entities like Sealand), it is now hard to define exactly what it is. The Wikipedia page, which I believe written by other Nova Romans, says it's something created "to study and restore ancient Roman culture. It works as a virtual independent country, with its own constitution, law, government, senate and university. Its government and law system is based on that of the Roman Republic, but, of course, updated to current days.". It's indeed a quite weird mix of people, from the recreationist to the philologist, from the sincere utopian to the real classicist passing thro a good number of curious people with much time in their hands.

It's interesting actually, it can help in learning new things about the classic world and, most than anything, accrue your rethorical skills as one of the most popular thing is discussing: about everything, the internal regulations, religion, personal feuds...

In truth, the scope of the association is vague and that helps that wide range of people with so many different interests to come together, as everyone has his own perception of Nova Roma and of course that also create the frequent struggles as everyone try to defends and bring forward his own vision. If you have ever lived in a condo, and an italian one especially, try to imagine a worldwide standing owners' meeting were people communicate via email and you shall have an idea. Sounds as a nightmare? It may be :)


VCN-Rome is a totally different thing. Initiated by Volunteers, Interns, and Consultants of the Rome based International Organizations, its purpose is to help newcomers integrate into Roman life and exchange valuable information on housing, social and cultural events, and jobs in development cooperation.

I joined a few months ago and I have to say I gained a given popularity there by simply replying to the questions that people ask there (at least, the one I am confident about, but given that they are mostly about places in Rome and light legal issues...). It's fun, I get to learn a new thing or two now and then, but, especially, it makes me meet interesting people thro the occasional Happy Hour (actually, there is a fixed one every 2 fridays) and movie in original version. It also gives me a chance of, in a given way, be part of that international working community of which I'd love to be a part of but that I have so little chances of joining... annoying.


Trixi said...

I dare... ;)
I just wanna say that it was a great idea to create this blog :) I really enjoy reading your thoughts...

Anonymous said...

I should notify my friend about your post.