Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The start of the journey

"And the road goes ever on..."

Yes, I capitualted and started a blog.

Capitulated to the fact I'm often unable to keep up with my mails and my friends, with my own thoughts and books. Also to the slightly narcisistic wish of communicating myself and my thoughts to the world, even if of course it's pretty obvious that the world at large would not only care nothing at all about it, but that it will indeed ingore of this island in the infinite arcipelagus of the blogs lost in the infinite internet ocean.

Yet, who cares? Knowing myself, there are quite some chances that this will be the first and only post I will ever add, or that I shall abandon this effort very quickly. But maybe not. It's like a journey, in a way... no, not the ones of today, marked by the plane take off time for teh start and teh landing time for the end, but the good old XIX century journeys, Goethe and Byron style, where you vaguely knew where you were going, but had no real idea about if, how and when you would have reached your destination and if you would had make it alive there.

And so, we start, in a grey and rainy day of febraury, and on a tuesday at that, despite the good old proverb "Di venere e di marte non si sposa e non si parte e non si da inizio all'arte" (which means, "In the day of venus -friday- and mars -tuesday- one doesn't get married, doesn't start a travel and doesn't start a work"). But then again I've never really cared much about it... after all, I've just returned froma week-end in berlin to see my girlfriend and I started the travel not only on an any friday, but on a friday 17, most terrible of all dates possible (and of course, being febraury what it is, we'll have another friday 17 next month).

There are several things taking my attention these days. The ongoing "Danish Mohammed cartoon" struggle all around the world and the recent developements hitting directly my country, the historian David Irving sentenced to 3 years in jail in Austria for his books published in UK.

Yet I will maybe get back about those later today or when I will have time.

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