Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Books I - The Skystone

The Skystone

A few weeks ago I went to my usual bookshop browsing around as I often do and, mostly because I did like the cover and I felt like wasting 6 euros, I got Skystone by Jack Whyte (if you follow the link, I have to say that th eitalian version I got has a different cover).

The book then laid, as many others I buy to forget shortly after, around the house untill my recent travel to Berlin an deven then, it stayed forgotten in the trolley untill my return flight where, for lack of anything else to do, I took it out and started reading. In the two hours of the flight I read 180 pages of it! It's probably not a masterpiece of the world literature, but the fact that it's full of ancient romans and it's reasonably well written, with several side plots and interweaved stories, is making me devour it.

So, I ended up going back to my bookshop yesterday and buy the 3 other (out 8) books of the series (The Camulod chronicles) published in that edition. It was since the time of O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin books I didn't methodically mass buy a whole series (to be said, I still miss a few of that one, but it's not my fault if they are yet to be translated in italian and if I'd lose myself in nautical english terminology had I to buy the original versions).

So, it's true I'm only at page 230 of the first book, but I'd definitely suggest people to get a hold of that one, and I hope the rest will be as good.

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