Sunday, April 09, 2006

Books IX - The machineries of joy

A few days ago I finished "The Fort at River Bent" and have to say it's the last convincing of the 5 books so far. There's not much action, no new character of any importance and, as usual, we part with one of those we grew accustomed to like. Being impossible to find the sixth installment of the chronicles at this time, and while I've still have to finish "The Beggars Banquet", I recovered a book I had bought almost a year ago containing a few tales by Ray Bradbury, entitled "The machineries of joy". Sci-fiction (and not all of those tales fall in such cathegory, it seems) is not really a genre I deal with so much (with the few exceptions here and there, especially when the author is Philip K. Dick), but Bradbury has a given name, after all, so why not?

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