Thursday, April 27, 2006

Books XI - The Fort at the River's Bend - Uther

While I admit I have set aside Ray Bradbury's "The Machineries of Joy", and for the second time at that, and that I had said I would had turned myself to something more serious even after "The Fort at the River's Bend", I admit I'm a repeat offender (or maybe I just want to finish something I've started) and picked up something that is kind of a spin off of the "Camulod chronicles", and that is "Uther" ("Le Porte di Camelot" in italian").

I'm just at the very first pages, anyway, the first 14 anyway, so it is
definitely to soon for any idea about it. In the meanwhile, it might be a while before I get to finish the proper Camulod Chronicles, as the last two books "The Lancethrower" and "the Eagle" are either just translated and in a hard to find hardcover edition (the first) or yet to be translated altogether (the second).

Quite interestingly, apparently Uther came out with two different titles in Italy: "Le Porte di Camelot" and "La Donna di Avalon", so either it was divided in two for publishing in Italy or there is one
book with two different titles. I shall try to find a copy of the second one and see to solve the mystery.

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