Thursday, April 27, 2006

Books X - The Sorcerer: Methamorphosis

I never read so fast as when I have to get a plane. In the time needed to go and come back from Paris (admittedly, the way back gave me several hours of hours to spend alone with nothing better to do than reading) I started and finished "The Sorcerer: Metamorphosis", 6th installment of Jack Whyte's "Camulod's Chronicles" (which in italian comes in a red, slightly less awful than the previous "colored" ones, edition named "Il Segno di Excalibur").

Now, if you are reading the series or you know you will do so in a close or far future, stop reading here because for once I'll have some spoilers in the lines that follow.

I loved it and at the same time I hated him. It has a much more dense and vivid plot than the other books, even more touching moments... and yet once again it felt like the end of it has been rushed: the evil character that had obsessed us for the last two books, Peter Ironhair, is disposed of in an anonymous, un-described way without giving us a reason, exactly as Lot of Cornwell (and even in the same way, hung at a tree) had been in the first half of the series. One of the characters we grew to love, Merlyn's brother, is unrealistically (how is supposed a besieged Carthac, at the head of a hundred men, to put up a rally and capture and behead the general of a 9.000 men army?) caught and killed without even the grace of a description.

I don't know, all considered, the first books of the series ended up giving me a better feeling than the last ones... there is something definitely missing, and is not simply the end of the story (everyone who knows anything about the Arthurian saga knows what the end of the story will be, either Jack Whyte gets to write it or not) but a sense of accomplished. The book has also an open end, as Arthur gets crowned, yet has to leave immediately to face an immense invasion.

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