Friday, April 28, 2006

Who are you?

Since I've started my blog, or more correctly since someone pointed me to sitetracker allowing me to have a general idea about where my visitors were coming from, this site has received several hundreds visits from 24 different countries. Now, it's true that most of them are related to the vcn rome group, either because people reading my replies there feel like checking my blog from time to time or because if you look for vcn-rome on Google my page is like the first or second to come up, yet over time I see that I've a few people who connect directly to my page.

Now, while in some case I have a given idea of who these people might be, especially when someone is connecting from Germany, Hungary, Russia, Itacha or Staten Island in the USA, Ukraine and Trinidad and Tobago, I admit I'd be very curious about who are the recurring guests from some places in Italy, France and various other locations in US.

So, if you happen to be one of those, I'd be happy to hear from you, how you found about my blog (which originally I had disclosed only to a given group of friends) and what kept you so entertained that you felt like checking back again. you can do so by clicking on the "comments" link at the end of this post! I'd love to hear from you even because a Blog is meaningful, I think, when it doesn't limit itself to report to the world (who obviously wouldn't care less about it) your ideas and impressions, but when it is a tool of exchanging ideas and impressions, to open a dialogue, so to say. At least so I think.

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Eugene said...

If you're interested in site statistics, I highly recommend Google Analytics, because it provides an overwhelming amount of information in a very sleek and sophisticated interface that even allows you to export your site statistics data.

My favorite touch that I have not yet seen implemented elsewhere is the geographic map overlay, which is essentially a world map that has a dot for every location from which one person has viewed your site; the more people that have visited from a location, the larger the dot.

You should certainly apply for it, because it's a very neat and powerful little tool.