Thursday, April 27, 2006

Too many things

I'm in a lazy mood today. The world, on the other hand, is not being lazy at all in these days, if it ever is, and produced a mass of interesting, even if usually not happy, events that would be worth to comment. It's obvious that these opposite dispositions will not produce anything good and they pose an immediate problem: now that I finally finished the Paris report (even if I might get back to it at some point), where to start?

From Iran, who apparently has decided that US and Israel will not use force against it (so much to appear defiant and even threathening against the americans) and China and Russia will even veto economic sanctions to prevent them to get the nuclear deterrent (I do not even consider the chance that Iran has a peaceful only nuclear program)?

From the tragic-comic situation of italian politics, that I mostly followed by newspapers' headlines while I was in France, that saw the parties of the centre-left coalition, the moment after the Supreme Court declared them winners, start to brawl about the various chairs of the highest italian institutions (for the chronicles, we'll have a communist as president of the parliament, while it's still uncertain who will be the president of the Senate and, even more important, who will be next president of the Republic and when we'll have a new government)?

From the two events that were the highlight of italian news in the last 2 days, like the social centre extreme left activities that burned israelian flags and ferociously insulted centre-right candidate as Milan major Letizia Moratti and her Dachau lager-survived father at the yearly rallying celebrating the end of WWII and the blasts that killed 16 people in Egypt and, just this morning, 3 italian soldiers in Iraq?

The truth is, any of these subject is worth a long analysis and I've no energy for it at all (and the atrocious throat ache that is afflicting me since tuesday, getting constantly worse, might have a part on it) so, I'll let it go for now, waiting for some inspiration.

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