Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Week, Old Story

Sometimes it seems like time has frozen and nothing will ever change again. Last time I did write something about the world in general the main lines were the chaotic situation of italian politics and Iran nuclear ambitions.

Today, the main news are the chaotic situation of italian politics and Iran nuclear ambitions. At least, I can say that after a 5 weeks stop for a wrongly diagnosed inguinal hernia, I can at last get back to gym today, and I will do with scarce enthusiasm (it's hard to start again after such a long stop) but somehow happy I'm getting to move again.

If only my country could move on as well. The 25th of April, Mrs Letizia Moratti, former minister of Berlusconi's government and daughter of a Dachau nazist lager's prisoner was forced to leave, together with her father, the yearly celebrations of Italy Liberation by the nazists that effectively ended the WWII (and opened the bloody months of retaliations in which tenths of thousand of italians who had been members of the fascist party or cooperated with it were sought after in their homes by the communist partisans and executed, but that's never remembered officially) and Israel flags were burned in the street.

The 1st of may, the same mrs Moratti had to run from the celebrations of the Workers' day after her very physical safety was threatened by scores of protesters from the extreme-left, quite ironically, labelled by the media "no global pacifists", "communist antagonists" or "social centers' people". The same people that a bit later yelled the slogan "(lets have) 10, 100, 1000 Nassyria" in reference to the city of Iraq where 2 years ago 19 italian soldiers died in a kamikaze blast and where just the day before another 3 had died for a roadside bomb.

Italy seems genetically and ideologically unable to move on from the violent confrontation model that sees an enemy rather than opponent on the other side. Which has been notable in the last 50 years, most especially in the laden years, but that has been part of the italian DNA since, probably, the roman times (populares and optimates), all through the middle age (guelphs and ghibellines), Renaissance (France and Spain supporters) and so on, so forth.

And I have to admit I'm not immune by that, as I can't but notice how I became unable to bear anything coming from what is improperly labelled as "left" in Italy, so much that I do not even feel about discussing anymore, with maybe one or two notable exceptions, with someone repeating even one of the numerous slogans which has been appropriated by that political side. And I see just as much as the same behaviour is followed by the other side, where even a profession of mild sympathy for the conservative side is seen as admitting idiocy, leprosy and and nazism all at the same time, and with pride.

Oh, at least, after that some for life senators well in their 90s have been forced to sit in the Senate for 22 hours over a 36 hours period in order to have every single vote possible, we do have new speakers for our chambers.

I'm sure, and sometimes even hopeful, that Iran will soon give us something more serious to keep ourselves busy with rather than our petty squabbles, anyway.

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