Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And some more madness

So, where did I leave yesterday? Oh yes, the world had gone crazy.

Not like it got any saner in the last hours, anyway, as one opens the newspapers and what does he find? That in the newly formed UN Human Right Council, which takes the place of the UN Commission on Human Rights which lately had as president no less than the famous Human Rights supporter , and Lybia president, Muammar Qaddafi, sees among its 47 elected members countries which have always been on the front-line of the fight for human rights. Only, on the wrong side.

And in fact, those countries, elected by the Council, are China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and a handful of african and asian countries which have, at best, dubious records on human rights.

So let's see. The administrative reform of the UN, which is becoming one of the greatest example of international corruption, has been practically scrapped. The Security Council reform is going nowhere. A couple of days ago news of sexual favors asked in exchange of food by employees of various UN Agencies (among other organizations) in Africa were, again, around to be heard. We all know, I suppose, of the Oil for Food scandal. The institution is totally unable to intervene even when genocides are evidently going on as in Rwuanda back then and Darfur right now and now China and Cuba spearheading the efforts for Human Rights. Could we please close the UN and possibly demolish the building?

Oh, I got a call today from Romania. Why? Because a Romenian radio station apparently wants to interview me (after suggestion of the president of ELSA Bucharest, Arabela Trifoi) about my involvement in ELSA. Yes, right. Now, that wouldn't even be the first time as I first went on air in Serbia, more precisely in Novi Sad, a few years ago, again about ELSA, but at least I was physically there. I do not know this time how they do intend to proceed, we'll see if anything will come out of it.

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