Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Never say never

To be labelled among the "Things I should had done years ago", sub-category "I tried, didn't manage, should try again", things, today I'm starting to study german again. First time was when I was still a teenager, right when I started university, and was a painful and pretty pointless effort that did last two years.

Not much is left of that first attempt and I had somehow told to myself that I would had never tried again. Now, eleven years later, as it almost always happens when I say or even just think along that line, here I am again. Many could actually say I should had started studying again at least a couple of years ago, but I can always reply, in my defence, that the only reason I had at that time to get back to german was indeed able to speak italian in a better way than some of the real italians I know.

Ok, poor excuse, I know. Anyway, better late than never, isn't that what people say? I'm pretty curious to see how it will be. In the gentle manner that is well known to be the typical german approach to things, the course, at the Goethe Institut, sees classes of TWO AND A HALF hours, TWICE a week for THREE months. Should my brain survive the onslaught, a nice exam awaits for me in the heats of the torrid roman august. There was actually an option I could have signed for in order to be flogged once a month as well, but I declined, thinking it would had been considered a show-off for someone enrolled in the first class, maybe next time.

And as if that all was not enough, I know I will also be subject to the jokes I'm sure Susanna will make of my catastrophic italian accent when I will ever manage to put together a sentence gifted with an at least passable meaning.

Why do I do that? Well, what can I say... Die Liebe besiegt alles.

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