Thursday, May 04, 2006


Busy busy busy. Yesterday I found out I was one day behind with my mental clock, as apparently, not having worked on monday (Workers' Day), my brain skipped a day. Now this has three practical consequences: the weekend is closer, Susanna's arrival is therefore closer as well, but today I have to manage all the things I had planned to attend to in two days, both at work and for the coming of the above mentioned German freulein (which I discovered it's not a term to be used anymore, it seems).

And speaking of which, german class was interesting, even if possibily too easy. Two different teachers, one from north Germany (Donatella from Hamburg) and one from the south (Klaus from Bayern) in what they call a "tandem", which is supposed to have us facing right away the widely different accents in german. A dozen fellow students, two of which from Korea and, given Rome is an ancient city but relatively small, out of the Institut I bumped in this friend of mine, Nicoletta, who I hadn't seen for at least 6 or 7 years and who turned out to be studying german as well, even if at the 4th year. Flattering, and yet vaguely disappoining, what Donatella said: she thinks I'm already ahead of what I could learn in the class I'm in. On the other hand, there is not an advanced class held in a time frame I could attend, so there I will stay, in the meanwhile refreshing my ear, learning new words and hopefully building some stronger foundations for the next level.

Anyway, I have now to finish a couple of contracts, then I will run to gym, them to the German library to buy the coursebook, then at the theatre (years i didn't go to a theatre!), while at least, after some adventures, I managed to fix a place for us to stay tomorrow night in the city. On saturday, after some intense shopping, seaside... hopefully, as the weather forecasts give mixed news right now.

In the various news, I discovered another japanese restaurant near my office, where I managed to go with some colleagues this time and where we had the nice surprise to discover they take our tickets (if you want to know what I'm talking about, my occasional reader, you shall have to go a bit back in the archives).

Also, something is happening on the VCN Rome groups where, in a typical human fashion, two people, one being me, had the same genial idea about improving the group by trying to negotiate some discounts in shops and restaurants at about the same time. Interesting thing is, the moderators, who I had never heard from or about, immediately showed up in the form of a private mail to the two of us in which, kindly, they seemed to suggest, in between the lines, that we should had let go the project. Interesting.

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