Monday, May 08, 2006

An Intense Week-end and a New Busy Week

And so, another week-end is gone, a new week starts and it promises to be a very busy one on all fronts.

The week-end was nice, even if marred by several incidents. On friday evening , running away from my German class, I picked up Susanne at the train station 8where she had arrived with a bus from Ciampino airport) and we went immediately to eat at my favourite restaurant (L'"hostaria del Moro" in vicolo del cinque, their fillet in green pepper sauce, served rare, is one of the most delicious things ever) where we enjoyed the food and the people strolling by in a quiet and warm friday evening.

After that, we moved to join the people having the bi-weekly VCN Happy Hour, something I had missed over the last month and a half and that I immensely enjoyed taking part in again. I recognized a good number of old faces among a majority of new ones and that confirms the fact that as time passes the VCN HH is enjoying an ever increasing popularity. Now, that is good on every side except one: we will soon need to find larger places to held it and, considering the temperatures we are going to have soon, in the open. Not an easy task. Among the rest, the project of a VCN website, "membership card" and research for discounts was discussed and met an overwhelming appreciation by the ones present. Quite the opposite can be said of the VCN moderators, I'm afraid. We'll see.

Anyway, when we decided to call it a night we headed for this little, but quite delightful, studio I happened to find on the VCN list as well, by far the nicest place I stayed with Susanne so far (well, ok, the studio in Paris, maybe... but that was more the atmosphere than the studio, as while it was nice and cozy, the one in Rome was bigger and better).

The morning after was devoted to intensive shopping for her graduation ball, which had proven fruitless in Paris. Superior knowledge of the territory and of the language (it happens that shop-keepers in Rome speak usually some form of italian) were rewarded this time with the final acquisition of a Versace sample of dress, the kind that leaves some of the body exposed but leaves the strategic places properly under cover. Something even an italian boyfriend can live with.

In the afternoon, drive to the seaside house... and there the problems started, as almost as we arrived, I started to feel ill and for the rest of the evening and the whole night I was in extremely pitiful conditions. The morning found me aching, totally de-hydrated and weak, so much that for a while I wondered if I shouldn't had called someone to recover us from Rome. Luckily, things improved over the day and finally, at 5, we left for the airport with plenty of time, 2 and a half hours to cover 80 kms, for us to comfortably make it to the check-in...

... or so I thought, as at 20 kms of Rome we got into a mighty (and, we found out later, totally unexplainable) jam. And so, with me showing my best reassuring "don't worry, it's ok, we shall make it alright" poker face and Susanne growing nervous by the minute, we eventually managed to make it to the airport with only a 15 minutes margin. I dropped her in front of the departure gate and yet my sixth sense suggested me not to leave right away and in fact seconds later I got an sms from Susanne telling me the plane was one hour late anyway. Well, at least, we managed to part in a better way than a hurried sentence.

And so I managed to get home and have dinner and sit on the couch with all the intention to catch up with the news of the week, but in fact I fainted as soon as I touched the couch's pillow and I barely remember walking from the living room to my bed.

And so now a new week has started and work will be intense, gym will be hopefully intense, there will be more german, the vcn website project will take away more time and eventually Susanne will be again here next friday evening. Gee, I'm 30, can I still stand such rhythm?

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