Friday, May 12, 2006

A Fast week

It's so true, when you are busy, time flies. It seems yesterday that I was looking at Susanne passing the security checks at Ciampino, and this evening I'll pick her up again at Termini as sunday evening has already been turned into friday afternoon.

Ah well, at least, there are some good news.. first of all, my new bedroom has arrived on time and is not assembled, shining and all ready to welcome me for a pre-inauguration of the new house tonight. Also the mattress arrived, which will make it undubiously more confortable than having to sleep on the staves.

The new house is actually a bit of a patchwork at the moment. The kitchen is all ready, except the dish-washer which will be moved from the old house. The main bathroom has the bathtub, but not the sink and related furniture which will be retained as well from the old house, while the service bathroom is all ready except the shower cabin, that has no cabin. Which means I can wash my face in the service room, but have to go to the main on for a shower, and to the service one again for brushing my teeth. Interesting, cosnidering that tomorrow morning there could be people around the house to assemble some other wardrobes. The rest of the house is totally empty, with its shining wooden floors.

Speaking of shining, I wonder if all the light we'll get in the new house will not turn us blind. I'm not kidding, I'm so not used to natural lights at all anymore!

Anyway, I'm planning to take Susanne at a japanese restaurant tonight, even if I have no idea what kind of food is available there for a vegetarian, and then an icecream or possibly see Ale and company (my real life friends as opposed to my internet ones, not my imaginary friend, I never had one). Weather, tho, is still uncertain so I am not sure if we'll try the seaside again or not.

About the news. After a real, all around, proud, communist elected as president of the lower house (Bertinotti) and a former christian democrat forced by the tiny centre-left majority at the higher house (Marini), in the last days the same majority decided to elect a 81 years old former-communist mr. Napolitano (on the right in a picture from 1956) as President of the Republic.

To be noted that napolitano spent most of his active political life being one of the higher-ups of that italian communist party which received money from Stalin, Krushev and Bhresnev in order to ignite, sooner or later, a communist revolution in Italy... and that says a lot)

I wonder if I have the requirements to ask political asylum to the States, at this point.

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leticia said...

Don't tell me you'd rather have the hunchback mafia man Andreotti, please.