Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some more brief news from the moving frontline

I know, my dear and usually anonymous reader, I know, I'm neglecting my blog. And if you ever wondered if by any chance I had been buried forever by a collapsing pile of boxes, I can tell you that no, I wasn't. Or rather, I had a collapsing pile of boxes on me, but it didn't trap me, it just reminded me of the weight of the culture which is a lot, especially when it lands right on your your shoulder.

Seriously, I'm having such busy days. Yesterday, for instance, I got out of my house at 7.30 am and managed to get back past 10 pm (and even then, couldn't get to bed before midnight, having to pull together some things needed by my father). Today it's probably not going to be any better, with a meeting about the "VCN website project" planned at 8.30 and probably ending no earlier than midnight.

And tomorrow? German until 9 pm and possibly a Mexican fiesta afterwards. Saturday will be a resting day, which means more unpacking work for at least twelve hours and sunday the week will be closed with a VCN picnic and possibly basketball. Quite a program, isn't it?

At least, the house is slowly starting to look like a proper place for human beings to live in and I even recovered the lost books, which had ended by mistake in an anonymous boxes and were quite likely heading for that parallel universe called "cellar". To be more precise, one of them (after all, aren't parallel dimensions accesses thro black holes and by definition infinite?), as my dad bought one just for the books, realizing we would had never had enough space, even with the bigger apartment and everything, for the final 159 (yes, one hundred-fifty-nine) book boxes. I'm still missing a few of my own, but they are probably displaced in the last minute boxes and will turn up at some point, or will be lost forever but will be no big damage.

The very bad thing is that we still have no phone line which means no internet and that's QUITE a problem on all levels, as you might imagine (and that's alsoa side reason of my not having updated my blog over the last days...).

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