Monday, May 15, 2006

Back from the Weekend and a Philosophical Question

It was a very nice week-end with everything needed for a couple: dining out, moments of intimacy, moments of mingling with friends, moments of total relaxation and the occasional passing tension. Problem is, it passed too quickly, as it always does, and now it will be a month before I'll see Susanne again, in Berlin, for the prom ball.

Anyway, I must say I did enjoy immensely laying down (and unavoidably, falling asleep) on Villa Borghese's grass near the lake, but even more being around friends, Liesbeth and some of her WFP friends, Alessandro, Sergio and, even for only minutes, Benjamin, Alessandro's friend and my acquaintance from Copenaghen, who's visiting Rome, as he often does, in these days. I think the fact is that I like the idea of being seen as a couple, making it sort of official, which, on the other hand, is the reason why I'm sometimes troubled by the fact I haven't met even a single one of Susanne's friends in the last 10 months, despite the repeated visits to Berlin. Then I stop and realize that most of her friends are a bunch of teen boys and I'm not troubled anymore.

For the rest, the new house, which Susanne and me got to pre-inaugurate, looks great and I already got used to a 1 and a half place new bed (I think, a queen-size one in english terms) so much that when I moved back home on sunday I had problems falling asleep. It will be fun in the coming days to explore the neighborhood. Oh, yeah, the coming days as, quite expectantly, the final moving has been set for this thursday and friday so, by the week-end, we will have moved (while for settling, I assume it will take quite longer).

In the meanwhile, in a first tour of the area, I happened to spot a set of new condos with a big, bright, new sign saying "Apartments for sale, directly from the builder" and I'm set to investigate as soon as I get a spare moment. I *want* to get my place.

On sunday, the usual gloom of parting was a bit eased by a funny episode happened at the airport. Ciampino has a quite undersized terminal compared to the passenger traffic it got to have since it was chosen by the two major low-cost companies of Europe, Ryanair and Easyjet, plus a bunch of others, as their base in Rome. It is especially lacking places for people who have done the check in and are unwilling to move right away past the personal checks and in the boarding area and that is particularly evident in spring and summer, when staying outside is quite pleasant.

Having arrived quite early (I discovered that with my scooter, from the new house to the airport it takes exactly 15 minutes), Susanne and I decided to sit down on a sidewalk's border and than something that would had been fit for a tv commercial happened: two kids started to play with a little ball. Then a couple of older kids joined, soon followed by a group of adults, male and female, passengers of different flights who were all likewise sitting around waiting. Eventually this multicolored group of people all running behind a ball yelling and being cheered upon in different languages ruled the small area right in front of the terminal... and suddenly vanished again, as the owner of the ball had to join his parents and take his flight.

And in less than a month, the Football World Championships will start in Germany. How fitting.

Coincidentally, sunday evening, knowing Susanne was not going to be online, after quite a while turned on trillian and yahoo messenger with it and I bounced in a friend of mine I had been wishing to talk to since a few weeks now. During the talk we had, it turned out she has this interesting behaviour: When she finds herself loving (not simply liking) someone she decides she can't, for whatever reason, have anything with, she purposefully indulges in the very behaviour she knows will drive the guy away. I found it absolutely inconceivable that someone not only did give up the pursue of the loved one, but actually actively engaged himself in acts led to have the loved one judge you badly and even hate you, she said it was just a very easy way out.

So the philosophical question, if anyone of you, my accidental readers, will feel like wasting a moment hitting the "comments" thing at the end of the post to leave his opinion is: is it really possible to decide to behave in a way that will have your loved one, at best, consider you poorly, and if it is possible, is it... in any way reasonable?

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