Thursday, July 06, 2006

And finally!

And finally, I found a newspaper reporting the news about tuesday's night events. It's "City", one of those little free newspapers they give you in the metro station, in the roman version and my congratulations to be the only one to have covered the story.

So, eventually the night ended with 30 persons wounded (I suspect more, as I doubt the ones involved in the "incidents" stayed there to be checked upon and be possibly arrested afterwards), 15 of them in hospital with more or less serious wounds, 25 buses damaged (one probably beyond repair), the Police had 1 car damaged and the city police 2, plus several girls heavily harassed in Trastevere.

And our mayor, Walter Veltroni (on the right), after 2 years that things go on like that, was re-elected last April with over 60% of the votes. I suppose we only deserve what we get afterwards.

On a totally unrelated matter, today I was set to start going to swimming pool I got myself all the was needed (included, argh, a mandatory cap and googles) and of course today, after 3 weeks of scorching sun, *today* the sky is dark grey and threatening a storm. Lovely. Not to mention that it is since sunday night that I have no news from a given someone presently in the States and I'm becoming nervous.

Does it show I'm not in a good mood at all?

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