Friday, July 28, 2006

The week of broken plans

"Mortals plan and the Gods laugh" is a recurring sentence in my blog, but it's something that I firmly believe into and this week was made to make me an even firmer believer into one of the basic lines of any classical tragedy.

Not that my own case was so tragic, anyway. On wednesday, the plan was to meet with a new VCNer and go to see a Movie, "The Lake House" after months that I do not enter a cinema. It didn't come to happen due a series of incidents and eventually I joined the IFN's happy hour in Campo dei Fiori, ending up leaving at about eleven. Oh, IFN stands for International Friends' Network, which is something similar, on a smaller scale and a higher average age, than VCN.

Yesterday, the plan was a quick blitz on Florence to meet a friend coming from abroad for a night. The plan called for getting out of office early, take a train, spend the evening there, sleep a few hours at a little hotel near the station, take the first train back in the morning in order to be at work today. Train tickets taken, hotel room booked, 20 minutes before departure everything was called off due a technical problem. Money of bookings was mostly lost, which is annoying but not a tragedy, and in rebellion against fate I decided that I wouldn't had stayed home and went to the happy hour of the french sub-group of VCN, "pasdeblabla", where I tried to put to use my scarce french.

Then, I had the very unhappy idea of going to the board meeting of my students association, ELSA, and went away nauseous noticing how badly and deep it has fallen over the last two years, with people quarreling about who to assign the position in the next year's board rather than on what to practically do. The spirit is gone, definitely.

Today another friend from Romania should arrive in Rome and I pledged myself to the customary hosting/touring duties, but if the trend keeps like this, her coach will probably be hijacked or something...

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