Friday, July 07, 2006

Tanto tuonò che piovve

Which means, so much thunders we had, that eventually it did rain. Now, that usually applies to situation when there are so many signs of something was going to happen, that it indeed happened eventually, but in this case it is intended literally, as this morning we had a full tropical storm hitting the city.

It was... interesting, shall we say, as riding on my faithful scooter ("muletto", meaning little donkey) to work, I rarely had more than 5 meters of visual line and at some point the Cristoforo Colombo, one of teh largest streets of the city connecting downtown to the EUR neighborhood, was flooded with more than 60 centimeters of water, forcing cars to wide detours and scooters to just give up hopes, walk back (not really easy on such a street, much akin to a highway) and try another way.

Needless to say, 10 minutes after I reached my office, the sun shone again, even if more monsoon-like weather is forecast for the coming days.

In the meanwhile, I managed to go to the swimming pool yesterday and must say, was interesting. The structure is pretty original on an architectural point of view, being a pool that is all indoor in winter, but partially open in summer, when the roof can be largely open together with half the perimeter's walls (as it can more or less be seen in the picture, click to enlarge). Also, being most of the structure in wood or paneled in such material, it gives the feeling of finding yourself somewhere in the mountains, rather than in the middle of the city.

I managed to swim a bit more than the bare minimum I had fixed for myself, meaning I did 50 courses rather than 40, but must be said that it is not, to my knowledge, an olympic swimming pool and I have no idea how long each course is. Also, honestly, my shoulders today are just a single node of screaming pain, but that was to be expected, I suppose.

Week-end is coming, and surprisingly so, considering untill sometimes this morning I was totally in the belief of today being thursday rather than friday... and while I know exactly what I will be doing on sunday, I have no idea about today or tomorrow, while I should definitely try to get busy and keep my mind occupied. I think I'll try to organize an Eritrean dinner for tonight, we'll see...

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Eugene said...

Judging by the picture, the pool looks like it's a 25-meter pool, which is half the length of an olympic-sized pool. 40 laps is one kilometer, so you had a pretty nice workout there!

I used to swim competitively in high school, but stopped because of a shoulder problem. I should really get back to some sort of exercise...