Monday, July 24, 2006


Too much politics, too little blog. But time being a scarce resource, I shall have to be quick.

Thursday was interesting as, checking my mobile after having finished at the swimming pool, out of the blue I found two missed calls from a friend of mine from Milan, Elisabetta, who I hadn't seen in almost 2 years, who announced me her presence in Rome for her work. 20 minutes later I was downtown, touring her and her colleague around the tiberina island, the Jewish ghetto, Marcellus' theatre and back to Largo Argentina. I should actually speak a bit about her, being that she's probably the most long term italian female friend I have and the only one I ever was at the wedding of, but time is a tyrant today.

Friday was, on the other hand, a goodbye day for another friend from Milan who, after having lived here for over a year and finding it impossible to stay longer despite his efforts, is going back home. It was an interesting evening, the table finding sat around all the romans members of Nova Roma (link to the right) and I suppose the waiters were a bit puzzled of this strange group of people speaking of history, archeology and such things calling each other with strange, latin, names (as we take a full latin name joining the association and we usually address each other with that). It was a sad dinner, but a great discovery about the restaurant, as I shall have to get back there again.

Saturday was a day of waiting in a what was hopefully the warmest day of the summer (if it gets any warmer, we have a real problem). Waiting for a word for a given someone far away, waiting for the warmth to lower so to be able to get out 8it never did), waiting for some friends to decide about what to do in the evening and waiting for going to what should had been a mega-party at the beach, anticipated for the whole week. And as it usually happened when there's much of waiting, nothing came out of it at all and so the day was spent reading, helped by air conditioned which can indeed be a problem for environment, but it's so good when temperature is 38 degrees with 90% humidity.

And sunday... sunday was VCN bbq time again, this time with twice more people than the previous time, especially with an unexpected large group of french-speaking boys and girls, three times as much food, three different kinds of balls (volleyball, light football and american football ones) and... the police paying us a visit (it's not legal to have an open fire or even a barbecue on a beach). Luckily, they were of the policemen (and woman, three of them) of the nice kind who, after having praised our organization and sort of tidiness, simply suggested us to extinguish the fire until past 8, when the people who had called them would had been probably gone. Time waiting was spent playing beach volley (where effort and laughters often made up for lack of style and technique) and chatting around (I even managed to try a bit of german and french, amazing).

Some pictures here, altho most of the ones I took were blurry this time, who knows why (click to enlarge).

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